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The nature of the pump which ion?

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Seller Inventory F5SZ Condition: New. Never used!. Condition: new. Seller Inventory think Brand New!. Seller Inventory VIB Item added to your basket View basket. Proceed to Basket. View basket. A complete cardiac cycle is one round of the heart pumping blood and consists of two parts: systole contraction of the heart muscle and diastole relaxation of the heart muscle. Anatomy of the Heart The heart is a muscular organ responsible for pumping blood through the blood vessels using rhythmic contractions of cardiac muscle.

It consists of four chambers and pumps blood through both systemic and pulmonary circulation to enable gas exchange and tissue oxygenation. Each side contains an atria which receives blood into the heart and flows it into a ventricle, which pumps the blood out of the heart.

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The left side of the heart receives oxygenated blood from the pulmonary vein and pumps it into the aorta, while the right side of the heart receives deoxygenated blood from the vena cava and pumps it into the pulmonary vein. The inner layer is called the endocardium and is in contact with the blood that the heart pumps. Blood Flow in the Heart The heart pumps oxygenated blood to the body and deoxygenated blood to the lungs.

The blood that is returned to the right atrium is deoxygenated and is passed into the right ventricle to be pumped through the pulmonary artery to the lungs for re-oxygenation and removal of carbon dioxide. The left atrium receives newly oxygenated blood from the lungs through the pulmonary veins which is passed into the strong left ventricle to be pumped through the aorta to the different organs of the body.

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Deoxygenated blood is received from the systemic circulation into the right atrium, it is pumped into the right ventricle and then through the pulmonary artery into the lungs. Through association with the alveoli the blood is oxygenated in the lungs and returns to the left atrium through the pulmonary veins, before passing into the left ventricle and being pumped around the body. Structures of the Heart The heart pumps blood through the body with the help of structures such as ventricles, atria, and valves.