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Les chansons de Domenico Scarlatti : n°2601 à 2800

When she and her family moved — to Seville on her marriage; northward to Madrid; elsewhere in Spain on royal 'progresses' — so did Scarlatti. It was in Andalusia that the Italian composer was able to hear and absorb the rhythms and color of Flamenco, folk music and the tunes of what Charles Burney called 'carriers, muleteers and common people'. Although we don't know very much more about Scarlatti's life in Spain, except that he was married twice and had nine children, it's thought that he wrote the majority of his magnificent keyboard sonatas late — between and These constituted fifteen volumes of thirty sonatas each… Volume X has four extra, so they amount to over in all.

On Scarlatti's death in the by now Queen Maria Barbara bequeathed the bound volumes to the castrato Farinelli; some time after the death of the latter in they came to be housed in the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice. Thereafter referred to as the 'Venice manuscripts', these are the chief source for this recording.

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What will make this series by Richard Lester the first and currently the only truly complete recording of Scarlatti's keyboard sonatas is the inclusion in Volume 7 of works extra to the heretofore accepted fifteen-Volume corpus, works authenticated by W. Such manuscripts in Scarlatti's own hand are rare.

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Keyboard Sonata in G major ed. Keyboard Sonata in G major, K. Keyboard Sonata in G minor, K. Keyboard Sonatas Magnificat for chorus in D minor. Miserere, motet for double chorus in E minor. Missa quatuor vocum, for chorus in G minor. L'Ottavia ristituita al trono, melodrama. Sinfonia No.

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Keyboard Sonata in A major ed. Musica Antiqua, Lisbonne; poss. Keyboard Sonata in B major, K. Keyboard Sonata in C major ed. Henle; poss. Keyboard Sonata in C major "La caccia" , K.

Scarlatti: The Complete Keyboard Sonatas:

Keyboard Sonata in D major "Tempo di ballo" , K. Keyboard Sonata in D minor ed.

Keyboard Sonata in D minor "Pastorale" , K. Chamber Music. Keyboard Sonata in E major "Capriccio" , K. Keyboard Sonata in F sharp major, K. Keyboard Sonata in G minor ed. Keyboard Sonata in G minor "Burlesca" , K.

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Keyboard Sonata in G minor "Bucolic" , K. Tolomeo e Alessandro, ovvero La corona disprezzata, opera. As the reader might notice, I'm spending more time on the sonatas from the second half of this disc, and I won't hide my preference for them. Track 13 is another gem here, the D Major, K. Huang's performance is so skillful: melodic phrases begin mostly quietly and blossom via subtly graded dynamics into a fullness of beauty that is utterly arresting. The whole disc is chock full of great music and great performances, even if I favor the later tracks on it. The sound reproduction is excellent, too.

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Here is yet another winner in the series, then. I hope we hear more from Ms.

Keyboard Sonata in D Major, K.160/L.15/P.131

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