Desert Duty: On the Line with the U.S. Border Patrol

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In , the government airlifted 52, illegal immigrants back to the Mexican interior. The program was terminated after it ran out of funds during its first year. The Mexican government offered train rides into the Mexican interior for nationals being returned from the San Antonio and Los Angeles districts, but this program was halted after only five months. Throughout the early s, a special taskforce of Border Patrol agents was assigned by the United States Attorney General to round up and ship home thousands of illegal immigrants in southern California.

The task force moved to the lower Rio Grande valley, then to Chicago and other interior cities. The project was discontinued two years later after nearly 50, illegal aliens had been returned home. Various other flights, train trips, and bus trips originated along the border and terminated in the Mexican interior. In spite of the major successes in repatriation, many deportees simply turned around and recrossed the seriously undermanned border.

Border agent shot by bandits who target immigrants, union chief says -

Repatriation programs proved extremely expensive and were phased out primarily because of cost. Significant numbers of illegal aliens began entering the U. In cooperation with other federal services, the Border Patrol began tracking suspect flights. During the Cuban missile crisis of the early s, Cuban defectors living in Florida flew aircraft out over the ocean in an effort to harass their former homeland.

The American government made this harassment illegal, and assigned the Border Patrol to prevent unauthorized flights. The Patrol added officers, but discharged of them when the crisis ended in The early s also witnessed aircraft-hijacking attempts and President John F. Kennedy ordered Border Patrol agents to accompany domestic flights to prevent takeovers.

The Miami Sector of the Border Patrol coordinated the effort. By that time the business of alien smuggling began to involve drug smuggling also. The Border Patrol assisted other agencies in intercepting illegal drugs from Mexico. The s and s saw a tremendous increase of illegal migration to America. The Border Patrol responded with increases in manpower and the implementation of modern technology.

Infrared night-vision scopes, seismic sensors, and a modern computer processing system helped the Patrol locate, apprehend, and process those crossing into the U.

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In an effort to bring a level of control to the border, Operation "Hold the Line" was established in in El Paso, and proved an immediate success. Agents and technology were concentrated in specific areas, providing a "show of force" to potential illegal border crossers. The drastic reduction in apprehensions prompted the Border Patrol to undertake a full-scale effort in San Diego, California, which accounted for more than half of illegal entries.

A defined national strategic plan was introduced alongside Operation Gatekeeper and set out a plan of action for the Border Patrol into the future. With illegal entries at a more manageable level, the Patrol was able to concentrate on other areas, such as establishing anti-smuggling units and search and rescue teams such as BORSTAR. Homeland security became a primary concern of the nation after the terrorist attacks of September 11, Border security became a topic of increased interest in Washington.

Funding requests and enforcement proposals were reconsidered as lawmakers began reassessing how our nation's borders must be monitored and protected. Border Patrol became part of U.

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Desert Duty On the Line with the U.S. Border Patrol

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Be seen! MotoEquip's high-quality reflective kits are black and virtually invisible in the daylight, but reflect back a brilliant white in headlights at night. Along the vast rocky desert that stretches from Mexico into rural West Texas, Border Patrol agents like Rogelio Martinez frequently work alone, miles from civilization and from help. Agent Martinez loved the work, said his father, Jose Martinez.

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  7. Border Patrol Agent Killed in Texas in What a Senator Calls an Attack.

He also knew the risks. Around 3 a. Sunday, Jose Martinez was awakened at home in El Paso with the phone call he had long dreaded. Agent Martinez, 36, was killed , and a second agent who had apparently come to his aid was seriously injured. The F. Details were thin, but the episode in a remote stretch of Texas quickly made its way into the national conversation on immigration and border security.

While Border Patrol fatalities are relatively rare, agents are not infrequently attacked on the job. And despite a dramatic drop in border crossings under the Trump administration, assaults against officers have risen, according to data maintained by the border agency: in the recently-completed fiscal year, the highest number in at least five years.

I Spent A Day With Border Patrol Agents At The US-Mexico Border

Most people surrender, but that is not always the case. A favorite tactic among border crossers is to hurl debris from the rugged terrain at officers, and Mr. admin