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When these habits are so ingrained in someone's mind, they're likely to ignore anything they hear to the contrary. When friends tell them they deserve better from their relationship, they can't comprehend it because they feel like they're being told to change everything about themselves. Victims also get emotionally hooked on their relationship like a drug. With something called " trauma bonding ," victims become addicted to the emotional push and pull of their partner, with high levels of the stress hormone cortisol when things are bad, paired with a rush of dopamine when given affection as a reward for behaving.

Read more : 5 ways your body is showing you you're in the wrong relationship. The toxic partner knows exactly what they are doing and will prey on their victim's mental state, giving them just enough reinforcement to keep them around, before reverting back to being angry and distant.

Study reveals what men really think about smart women, and it's disgusting

Toxic men will continue seeking out and targeting high performing women in this way because they like to reflect glory. They like to take credit for all their partner's success, all the while wanting to control and destroy them. So it's important for survivors to learn what drew them in, in the first place, and learn to protect themselves with healthy, strong boundaries.

Neo said a place to start is taking time out to reflect. Many victims find themselves in abusive relationships if they jump into them very quickly after the heartbreak of a previous one.

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So it's vital you take a step back and learn to be alone before allowing someone else in, even if they seem perfect. If they really are the one, they'll be patient. You have to find a way of retraining your habits. They know who is going to be more vulnerable to them, so they're going to attack who's easy for them.

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If you or someone you know is stuck in an abusive relationship, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline on , or use their hour online chat service. Lindsay Dodgson. Facebook Icon The letter F. Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url. Email icon An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email.

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It launched as a TV series in as QUEEN BOSS, a groundbreaking reality competition series that discovers amazing entrepreneurs building real-life companies and then challenges them to take their skills to the next level. Other shows in development include Fashion Geeks, which profiles the leading women at the intersection of style and technology and offers them the chance to take their businesses to the next level, and a series featuring super hero women who drop in on up-and-coming entrepreneurs and women stuck in their careers and transform them to their best professional selves to the next level.

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