Thermodynamic Properties of Solids: Experiment and Modeling

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Mittal has won numerous awards including the Best Thesis award. Narayani Choudhury, Ph. From to , she was a visiting researcher at the University of Washington, and from to at the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Choudhury's research has provided microscopic insights into various novel phenomena of technologically important materials studied via lattice dynamics and computer simulation techniques.


She has also been involved in the application of first principles simulations of multifunctional materials. Table of contents 1. Thermodynamic Properties of Solids: Experiment and Modeling 2. Optical Spectroscopy Methods and High-pressure-high-temperature Studies 3. Phonon Spectroscopy using Inelastic X-ray Scattering 5. Heat Capacity of Solids 6. Diffraction and Thermal Expansion of Solids 7.

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Modeling of Thermodynamic Properties and Phase Equilibria of the Si-P System | SpringerLink

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  • These correlations use acentric factor, dimensionless dipole moment and an empirically determined association parameters to characterize molecular structure effect of polyatomic molecules. The calculation of thermodynamic properties for fluids was developed under the theory of statistical thermodynamics and statistical associated fluid theory. For the calculation of thermal conductivity of solids are the most important two contributions: the heat transport by electrons el and by phonons ph. In our model we have made the assumption that heat transport by electrons and by phonons is independent and the thermal conductivity is than a sum of both terms.

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